Bottlemart Comes To Winthrop

New Owners - New Management - Top Quality Wine, Beer & Spirits!

Winthrop Liquor Store has undergone a change of ownership and a rebranding as part of the Bottlemart group.

Bottlemart is the trading name for a group of independently owned bottle shops which form part of the Liquor Marketing Group.

The group was established in 1977 and today comprises over 700 members throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

Each bottle shop is independently owned and managed and is committed to providing the highest possible level of retail convenience and a wide range of liquor choices.

Specials & Deals Galore

Bottlemart Winthrop is currently offering a terrific selection of your favourite beer, wine and spirits at great prices.

There are deals on Australian imported beers, lagers, ales and wines. Spirit specials such as rum, vodka and whisky and even cider and champagne specials are also on offer.

Plus, from time to time there are promotions offering great prizes as well. For example, currently if you purchase a case of Iron Jack you could win a Patriot Camper Ford Ranger Super Tourer!

Don’t forget to check back regularly to see if your favourite brand is currently on sale!

It's All About Community

In keeping with the Winthrop Village ethos, Bottlemart Winthrop is dedicated to building a close relationship with local residents.

So if you are tired of the uniformity and lack of personal connection that is part of the large liquor chain shopping experience, why not pay a visit and meet the friendly staff?

They’ll be glad to see you, and if you can’t find what you want, they may be able to get it in for you.


Village Management - John Hender Real Estate

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