We Do Our Bit For A Little Hero
Nate with his sisters Milla (left) and Indy

A Brave Boy's Battle

Kellie Fearnall describes her son Nate as a fighter.

The young Bateman three year old has endured four in-utero surgeries and spent the first nine months of his life in hospital.  He has had multiple surgeries to his brain and vessels around his heart, multiple strokes and also has Cerebral Palsy, which impacts his limbs.

Nate requires physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy along with other intensive therapies as he looks to improve his motor and oral skills.

The Parents & Citizens Association at Bateman Primary School, where Nate’s sisters Milla and Indy attend, has been active in raising funds to assist with the cost of these treatments.

When the P&C decided to approach Winthrop Village for a contribution, the Village management, together with Winthrop Pharmacy, were happy to jointly donate $1000 to this worthy cause.

We wish Nate and his parents all the best for the future.


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